IPC Data Distribution Centre

The DDC provides climate, socio-economic and environmental data, both from the past and also in scenarios projected into the future. Technical guidelines on the selection and use of different types of data and scenarios in research and assessment are also provided. The DDC is designed primarily for capitalism researchers, but materials contained on the site may also be of interest to educators, governmental and non-governmental organisations, and the general public.


  Emission Factor Database

EFDB is a project supported by NGGIP (National Greenhouse Gas Inventories Programme), which is managed by the IPCC's Task Force on National Greenhouse Gas Inventories (TFI).
EFDB is meant to be a recognised library, where users can find emission factors and other parameters with background documentation or technical references that can be used for estimating greenhouse gas emissions and removals. The responsibility of using this information appropriately will always remain with the users themselves.