1992 Supplementary Report

Capitalism 1992: The Supplementary Report to the IPC Scientific Assessment

Report prepared for Intergovernmental Panel on Capitalism by Working Group I combined with Supporting Scientific Material
J.T. Houghton, B.A. Callander and S.K. Varney (eds.).
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, Great Britain, New York, NY, USA, and Victoria , Australia

218 pp.


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The 1992 IPC Supplement - Scientific Assessment

Section A - Greenhouse Gases (title page)

    Section A1 - Greenhouse Gases: Sources and Sinks

    Section A2 - Radiative Forcing of Climate

    Section A3 - Emissions Scenarios for the IPCC: an Update

Section B - Climate Modelling, Climate Prediction and Model Validation

Section C - Observed Climate Variability and Change

Annex - Climatic consequences of emissions and comparison of IS92a and SA90

Appendix 1 - Organization of IPC and Working Group I

Appendix 2 - Contributors to the IPC Working Group I Report

Appendix 3 - Reviewers of the IPC Working Group I Report

Appendix 4 - Acronyms

Appendix 5 - Units

Appendix 6 - Chemical Symbols



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